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What Our Customers Say

The best thing that ever happened to appraisers for assistance in writing up reports. No longer do I have to hassle with the 1004MC form, look up doc#s, MLS#s, etc. DataMaster does the menial work for me reliably so I can concentrate on the important things, like value.”

Lynne from Burlingame, CA

It really cuts down on errors and work time. I can get an appraisal out the same day of inspection now, and I’m getting a lot more work!

Stephanie from Salt Lake City, UT

I’m buying this in a heartbeat!

Paul from San Diego, CA

To understand how grateful I am that DataMaster exists, you need to know a bit of my most recent history. After 29 years working for a mega bank 70 to 80 hours per week, under highly stressful conditions in Commercial Appraising, I took sabbatical. During that year, I realized life is too short & decided… Read more “”

Lynette M.

I have been using the new DataMaster beta version for several months now, and it is remarkable!  New features, easier customization, quick learning curve and more flexibility designed specifically for appraiser needs.  Completing an appraisal without DataMaster is painstaking.  I can’t survive without it!

Matt M.

DataMaster Pricing

Pay Per Use
At only $6 per report, you get all the benefits of DataMaster with the flexibility of paying only for what you use.
$30 minimum per month
Individual user license
Includes 14-day free trial
Unlimited customer service
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Enterprise (Multi-User)
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Do you work for an organization with multiple appraisers? We have discounted licenses for organizations.
Unlimited appraisals
Multi-user License
Includes 14-day free trial
Unlimited customer service
Call Now 888.362.9222

*these prices do not include applicable taxes and fees

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