DataMaster is changing the way appraisers are analyzing data. See what real estate appraisers throughout the country are saying about DataMaster. They love it!

“The best thing that ever happened to appraisers for assistance in writing up reports. No longer do I have to hassle with the 1004MC form, look up doc#s, MLS#s, etc. DataMaster does the menial work for me reliably so I can concentrate on the important things, like value.”
Lynne – Burlingame, CA

“Great product, great product support, great people, terrific company.”
Bill – Potomac, MD

“I am LOVING DataMaster! One of my least favorite things used to be having to do the MC form manually. Using DataMaster for that alone has shaved tons of time off!”
Stephanie – Salt Lake City, UT

It really cuts down on errors and work time.  I can get an appraisal out the same day of inspection now, and I’m getting a lot more work!
Patricia – Indianapolis, IN

“We can now use our time to analyze data as professionals instead of typing it in like data entry clerks.
Craig – Orange County, CA

I recommend this product to all the appraisers who fill in reports the old way – one comparable at a time.”
Beth – Rocky River, OH

“This is the most revolutionary improvement in the residential real estate appraisal process that I have seen in the last 30 years.”
Carol – Sun City, AZ

“I have been using DataMaster for the past 2 weeks, and I am really happy with the amount of time it saves me. As I get more proficient in the program, the time savings increases. I estimate that it cuts 30-40 minutes from each report I type. In addition, the information that is added to the report, including statistics in the 1004 MC as well as graphs, lend good support to my neighborhood market description. Overall, I feel it is improving my appraisal reports while making me more productive. Thank you!”
Beth – Cleveland, OH

Can’t believe people wouldn’t buy DataMaster instantly!
Robin – Washington, DC

“Honestly, I don’t know how I ever lived without DataMaster! It is so fast and easy! I could never go back to doing this by hand for anyone ever again!”
Shelley – San Diego, CA

I’m a One-Man Shop. I just love it!
Alex – San Diego, CA

“I love it! We will be signing up. Gosh, it’s saving me a lot of time! Honestly, it’s saving at least an hour per report. It’s gold.”
Mike – Phoenix, AZ

“I love DataMaster and I’m sending over a list of referrals.”
Ronald – Southern California”

“Use it every day. Works great for UAD.”
Barry – Washington, DC

“Best Customer Service Ever! Out of all the products I’ve bought, your service is the best!
Michael – Las Vegas, NV

“I’m buying this in a heartbeat!”
Paul – San Diego, CA