Our Team

DataMaster is a revolutionary product backed by a team that understands the demands of the world of the residential appraiser. We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality product to our customers. Our team of professionals can help unlock a world where you cannot imagine living without DataMaster.

Company founder Rick Lifferth has been an appraiser for over 40 years. Through his experience as an appraiser and utilizing the tools and methodology he developed over the years, he created and implemented the DataMaster concept in electronic form. The process helps real estate appraisers save time and money by completing appraisal forms with no re-typing. Over the last four years, DataMaster has increased its national footprint from twelve MLS markets to forty and is aggressively pursuing this growth pattern. DataMaster is located in Layton, Utah just north of Salt Lake City.

DataMaster’s team consists of:

  • Helpful and relaxing sales/marketing staff, which aim to make DataMaster the best and easiest purchase in your professional career.
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly and free customer support team, who can help answer any question you might have about DataMaster.
  • Dynamic and focused developers that strive to make the DataMaster product better every single day.
  • Hardworking management and support team who ensure that DataMaster continues to be a driving force in the residential appraisal market.

The DataMaster team is here to make sure that our customers have a great experience.

Management Team

Rick Lifferth – CEO
Rick has been a real estate appraiser since 1973. Early in his career, he became involved in the collection and refinement of data for appraisers, which led to the creation of the DataMaster product. He also holds the SRA and MAI designations from the Appraisal Institute. When he’s not appraising, Rick enjoys biking, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Ryan Lifferth – Vice President of Development and Technology
Ryan Lifferth is responsible for development architecture, technical oversight, and application infrastructure at DataMaster. He joined DataMaster in 2015 and has focused on the re-architecture of our flagship product as well as development of new products.
Ryan’s technology career covers more than 15 years in the airline, financial planning, and now real estate industries. His work has taken him all over the world but he loves to call Utah home. He enjoys spending time with his family, particularly attending their many soccer games, traveling, and riding his bike.

Mitch Dorius – Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Mitch is passionate about technology; he is a dynamic technology executive dedicated to making sense of big data. Mitch understands that data is increasingly important to our connected world and the challenge of making data more organized, manageable and, ultimately, consumable.
Over the past 10 years, Mitch has worked with some of the fastest growing SaaS and tech companies on how to manage data in a fast and efficient way, including SanDisk, Fusion-io, Dell, Salesforce, Tencent, Alipay and many others.
Mitch came to DataMaster in 2015 and has brought these skills, his passion and a clear vision of the future to real estate and valuation.

DerekDerek Lamb: Sales Manager
Derek has been in the Real Estate industry for thirty years, with seventeen years as a residential real estate appraiser. He has also built other companies and networked with thousands of business people around the world, creating millions of dollars in sales. He joined DataMaster in 2013 and is confident about its growth into new markets around the United States. Derek and his wife, Sheri, have four children and two grandchildren and spending time as a family is their favorite activity.

Nathan Kane: Director of Software Engineering
Nathan has been working in the Information Technology arena for nearly twenty years. In addition to working at DataMaster, Nathan owned an IT consulting company that specializes in designing and implementing software solutions for law firms. Nathan’s hometown is Houston, Texas. He has lived in Utah for about a year and enjoys waterskiing and snorkeling.