Please review our frequently asked questions and answers below:

What is DataMaster appraisal software?

DataMaster is a program designed to increase real estate appraiser efficiency. It is not a search engine and does not replace the MLS. It works in cooperation with participating MLS systems. After you have selected the comparables you want to use in your report you enter them into DataMaster. DataMaster downloads the MLS and Public Records information directly into your appraisal report. DataMaster pulls information directly from the MLS and Public Records. It eliminates the majority of typing and saves you time.

Is DataMaster a search engine?

No. You cannot search for comparables using DataMaster.

Do I have to belong to the MLS?

Yes. DataMaster works with the participating MLS systems and requires you to have a valid username and password for the participating MLS system.

What cities do you cover?

DataMaster covers the areas supported by participating MLS providers. Visit Here to see our current list of participating providers.

What forms does DataMaster work with?

All UAD Forms, 1004 URAR, 1004C Manufactured, 1025, 1073, 1075, 2000 Field Review, 2055, AI Form, ERC 2003, ERC 2010, BPO, GPAR, 1073, GPAR Condo & 2055.

*Some forms apply to various Appraisal Software Vendors.

What is an exceptions report?

An “Exceptions Report” is generated at the end of the export process. It is a list of discrepancies that were found between the MLS and Public Records data and which source were used in the report.

What data source does the public records information come from?

DataMaster uses the public records source that is available through the participating MLS system.

What appraisal software does DataMaster work with?

DataMaster integrates with:

  • ACI
  • WinTOTAL
  • ClickFORMS
  • Appraise-It

Can DataMaster be shared through a server?

No. DataMaster is licensed to each individual computer. DataMaster does not work if it is installed onto a network drive. DataMaster can be shared through a server only if it is a remote desktop server. In that case, every remote desktop account using DataMaster will need a separate license.

What if it can’t communicate with the DataMaster server?

This is an error on our end not a username/password issue. If that occurs, wait 1 minute and try again. If it still doesn’t work contact Customer Service at 888.362.9222 or e-mail support@datamasterusa.com.

What do I do if my computer crashes and I need to reinstall?

The easiest way to reinstall our software is by visiting our website www.datamasterusa.com and logging in to your account.  There will be a link for the download under “my account”.  If it is during normal business hours contact Customer Service at 888.362.9222 or e-mail support@datamasterusa.com

I am trying to register my program, but I am getting a message saying that I cannot communicate with the DataMaster server.

Verify that you input the correct MLS user name and password.

What is a runtime error 13?

This is a discrepancy in data listed in the MLS listing that you are using, please contact Customer Service at 888.362.9222 or e-mailsupport@datamasterusa.com with the MLS numbers you are using.

My account has expired. How do I re-enable my account?

Your trial period has expired; to set up billing, you can log in to your account at www.datamasterusa.com, contact Customer Service at 888.362.9222 or e-mail support@datamasterusa.com.

How do I add additional licenses?

To add licenses, please contact Customer Service at 888.362.9222 or e-mail support@datamasterusa.com.

Is there a long term contract?

No, you have a month to month contract with no obligation.

Do I automatically get charged after the 14-day trial?

No, we do not automatically charge you after the end of your trial. We will contact you to set up your billing account.

How do I log in to my DataMaster account?

Visit our website www.datamasterusa.com and click on login.  Your username will be the email address used when signing up for our service.  If you’re not sure of your password, a reminder can be sent to your email.

Is DataMaster UAD compliant?

Yes, DataMaster supports all UAD forms.

Why is my data from DataMaster not coming through to my report as UAD compliant?

The most common reason for this issue is selection of wrong options in DataMaster. When doing a UAD report, it is important to make sure your profile is set to UAD and also the form selected must be a UAD form.  To verify these setting, look under report settings in DataMaster.

Why is Profile grayed out?

Once you’ve selected your profile and form under report settings and started bringing in data, the option to change profiles is no longer available. To change your profile, you must first click on clear property data.  Then you will be able to make changes to your profile.

Can DataMaster run simultaneously on two computers?

No, DataMaster is a single user license.