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Directly Import MLS & Public Records Data

Tired of data entry? DataMaster allows you to import MLS and public records data directly into your appraisal software. No more back and forth and no more simple mistakes!

Calculate 1004MC Correctly

The FannieMae guidelines can be confusing and difficult to understand. Don’t waste your time worrying about compliance with our simple process that takes just seconds.

Customize Reports

Integrate any of our 16 graphs and charts, customize reports to reflect your approach and do it all in a fraction of the time. Create reports that not only contain all necessary data, but that are also professional and attractive.

Eliminate Typos & Reduce Mistakes

With our easy-to-use software, you can cut out the extra time it takes to fix typos and mistakes. Automatic calculations, direct data import, and more will increase your productivity.

Save Time and Money

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