Company Overview

DataMaster has over thirty years of experience creating appraisal software for the real estate industry. Our revolutionary system helps real estate appraisers save both time and money by completing real estate appraisal forms quicker and easier — without mistakes.

Company founder Rick Lifferth has been an appraiser for forty years and is still actively appraising. Early in his career, he recognized the need for improvements in handling all the data appraisers use. He founded Market Data Service in 1980 using the tools and methodology that are now used in the DataMaster appraisal software.  The first electronic version of the DataMaster system came on the market in 1996.

Since then, DataMaster has continued to implement refinements to our real estate software for appraisers, based upon our own research and the suggestions of our customers. We are confident that DataMaster will save YOU up to 60 minutes per report, increasing your productivity and putting money back into your wallet.

This revolutionary software is moving rapidly across the nation helping appraisers become more productive.

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